We are a young and emerging concern in the field of Pakistani Confectionery Industry. We are determined to demand our fare share in the local as well as international markets through our progressive and modern Business Strategy revolving around the Best Practices of Operations and Quality Control.

Sana Foods Industries is subsidiary of Shakoor Cans (Pvt.) Ltd. A leading and well known name in the packaging industry due to service excellence and best practices in the field of manufacturing. The extensive experience of our parent company Shakoor Cans (Pvt.) Ltd. spanning over 30 years, has given us a foot print to follow in the production environment, sales and distribution network.

 Our Commitment

We are committed to provide Quality Products through state-of-the-art Production facility and efficiently designed ISO certified Operations Structure.

Sana Foods Industries possess state-of-the-art VFFS packaging machines, having Vertical Form Fill capability which gives us edge in Customized Packaging and Private Labeling.

A proactive strategy is pursued in acquisition of newer technologies and techniques in order to develop new products in a more hygienic environment with increased efficiency.

Product Distribution

Sana Foods Industries manages a comprehensive Distribution Network in Pakistan in order to maintain continuous products supply across Local as well as International Consumer Markets through  wholesale and retail outlets.

No matter if the order is small in quantity or there is a bulk shipment, Sana Foods strives to maintain timely delivery of its vast range of products through efficiently monitored and managed Supply Chain and Warehousing function.